Safe Handling of Refrigerants for Cars, Vans & Trucks etc.

Mobile Air Conditioning Systems (Safe Handling of Refrigerants) 2-days £475.00 + VAT This course is the first of 3 modules making up the Mobile Air Conditioning System (MACS) Certificate and has been designed to provide the essential knowledge and skills in automotive air conditioning refrigerant handling. This enables technicians to carry out refrigerant recovery activities [...]

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Service & Maintenance

Automotive Air Conditioning Systems Service & Maintenance 2-Day £475.00 + VAT This course takes the candidate a stage further in their understanding of mobile air conditioning systems and covers the following topics: Inspection System running checks (including superheat & sub-cooling checks) Component replacement procedures Re-Charging with R134a and R1234yf The addition of oils, UV dyes [...]

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Advanced Diagnostics and Repairs

Advanced Diagnostics and Repair of Mobile A/C and Climate Control Systems (5 Days) £1,040.00.00 + VAT This vehicle air conditioning course has been introduced as a direct request from our previous candidates. This course covers advanced diagnostics and repair techniques for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems (MACS) and completes the full MACS Certificate. The course builds [...]

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Transport/Cargo Refrigerant Handling

Refrigerant Handling for Transport/Cargo Refrigeration Systems 5 Days (£1,040.00 + VAT) In order to legally recover F-gas (fluorinated greenhouse gas) from transport/cargo refrigerated systems, all technicians must have achieved (as a minimum requirement) a refrigerant handling qualification, meeting the EU F-gas regulations. This Award is made up of one unit that covers topics derived from [...]

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