(5 Days) £999.00 + VAT

This vehicle air conditioning course has been introduced as a direct request from our previous candidates. This course covers advanced diagnostics and repair techniques for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems (MACS) and completes the full MACS Certificate. The course builds on the knowledge and experience gained from the first two modules by training the candidate in the following areas:

  • Electrical theory (Voltage, Current, Resistance etc.)
  • Electrical circuits (Series & Parallel)
  • Electrical calculations
  • Electrical components within the A/C circuit
  • Safety devices
  • A/C sensors
  • Electrical circuit and component testing
  • Pressure gauge interpretation exercises
  • Component replacement (Compressor, TEV/TXV, Condenser, Evaporator, Sensors)
  • Pipe & hose repair
  • Evaporator cleaning and Odour removal (using NEW Ozone creation techniques)
  • Diagnostic fault code retrieval and interpretation
  • Variable displacement compressor testing
  • Manifold Gauge Interpretation (used for fault diagnosis)
  • Component Testing
  • Advanced leak detection techniques
  • Manual Air Conditioning, Semi-Automatic & Automatic Climate Control Systems
  • Using modern Fault Code Readers & Diagnostic equipment to identify faults
  • System Flushing

All air conditioning service and repairs, including component replacement, will take place on real vehicles as opposed to training rigs.  

Course Dates  2024

28th Oct  – 1st Nov 2024