Mobile Air Conditioning Systems (Safe Handling of Refrigerants)

2-days £425.00 + VAT

This course is the first of 3 modules making up the Mobile Air Conditioning System (MACS) Certificate and has been designed to provide the essential practical knowledge in automotive air conditioning fundamentals and refrigerant handling. This enables technicians to carry out refrigerant recovery activities in a professional, safe and legal manner.

This unit may be taken on its own and is recognised by the UK Government as meeting the minimum requirements of the European Commission Directive 307/2008. This regulation requires that persons handling fluorinated gases must be appropriately trained and posses a certificate attesting to the fact.

On successful completion, candidates will obtain the  Level 3 certificate in the Safe Handling of Refrigerants for Mobile Air Conditioning Systems (MACS). Additional modules, Air Conditioning Principles and  Advanced Diagnostics may be taken at a later date.

This 2-Day course provides training on automatic service stations such as the one used in the photo.

For those who are looking to broaden their knowledge and skills, this course also provides the necessary ‘entry level requirements’ for the 5-Day Air Conditioning System Installation Course and/or F-Gas courses in refrigeration and commercial air conditioning.

The qualifications will cover the following topics:

  • Operation of MAC systems containing F gas refrigerants
  • Environmental impact of F gas refrigerants
  • Environmental regulations
  • Refrigerant recovery



Course Dates 2021

4th – 5th October 2021