Javac XTR PRO DV A2L Recovery Unit (Spark Proof)


Product Details 

XTR-Pro DV A2L –  Spark Proof!
Suitable for R32, R1234YF plus all standard refrigerants (R410/R407/R134a)
Spark proof design: 5 m hard wired cable.
Dual voltage – switch easily to 115 V* or 230 V.
Integrated circuit breaker protection.
X-Connect technology protects against incorrect voltage.

Some of the special features of the XTR – PRO -DV A2L include a heavy duty 1/2 HP High torque AC motor, reduced noise and increased liquid pumping by up to 50%. This ensures that the residual vapour moves faster and delivers your results quicker.

Overall, the XTR – PRO – DV A2L is ergonomically designed, making this unit easy to carry. Like all of JAVAC’s products, it is built to stringent standards for quality.

Technical Specifications:

Suitability:             R32, R1234YF, HFC/HCFC/CFC/A2L, Standard
Push/Pull (kg/hr):  300
Vapour (kg/hr):     15
Liquid (kg/hr):       90
Power supply:      115 V* or 230 V
Motor size:           1/2 HP
HP cut out:           500 psi (35 bar)
Compressor:        Oil-less
Weight:                12 kg
Dimensions:        420 x 290 x 420 mm



Suitable for R32, R1234YF, HFC/HCFC/CFC/A2L, Standard refrigerants
Push/Pull (kg/hr) 300
Vapour (kg/hr) 15
Liquid (kg/hr) 90
Power supply 115V* / 230 V 50 Hz
Motor size 1/2 HP
HP cut out 500 psi (35 bar)
Compressor Oil-less
Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 420 x 290 x 420 mm



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