XTR Altima Twin Head Recovery Unit – R32 Ready!

The new XTR Altima Twin Head is 50% faster than its predecessor. The Altima features in JAVAC’s Premium Commercial Recovery range, providing the user with multiple useful features that will make refrigerant recovery a breeze.

With a twin head design, the new Altima is one of the fastest and most powerful recovery units on the market. This unit has fan forced cooling, allowing the user to recover refrigerant with ease even on days of extreme weather.

Some of this unit’s main benefits include a quiet AC compressor with a high recovery capacity and capabilities for most refrigerants including R410a.  Fully automatic pressure regulation gives the user the capability to tweak the manifold for optimum performance.  Purge and self cleaning is on the fly, with no need to shut down. This advanced facility allows the user to flush, push pull and sub cool.

This unit also features an integrated low pressure control so it can be left operating unattended, as the unit will cut out automatically when it reaches zero kpa gauge.

This unit has an easy to clean inlet filter, has built in safety features and is made with a robust blow moulded case which is ergonomically designed.

One of the best features of all, the XTR Altima is an Australian designed and manufactured product with an extended 2 year warranty.