Wynn’s Aircomatic III Kit


Wynn’s AIRCOMATIC III Kit includes 24 bottles of Wynn’s Airco-Clean for removal of bad odours in the a/c system (evaporator) and

12 bottles of Wynn’s Air Purifier for removal and prevention of bad odours in vehicle interiors (upholstery, carpets and roof linings) at a discounted price.Aircomatic 3

Kills COVID-19, SARS and COVID 2 among other bacteria and viruses


  • Easy to use, no supervision necessary during treatment.
  • Completely safe in use


  • Ultrasonic cell nebulizes the Wynn’s Airco-Clean® Ultrasonic and Wynn’s Air Purifier product into small drops of < 5 micron.
  • The vapour of Airco-Clean is blown towards the evaporator of the airconditioning by means of a built-in ventilator. The vapour of Air Purifier is nebulized in the interior of the car.
  • Because of the size of the droplets, dismantling of the pollen filter is NOT necessary when applying Airco-Clean.
  • Automatic stop of ultrasonic cell:
    • Liquid level too low/too high.
    • Too high ambient temperature (> 50°C).
    • At the end of the treatment time (depending on ambient temperature).
  • The treatment time is approximately 15 minutes at 22°C for Wynn’s Airco-Clean® Ultrasonic and 11 minutes for Wynn’s Air Purifier.
  • The outlet tube directs the vapour flow and guarantees the correct size of the droplets.


  • The ozone generator produces ozone during a programmed time.
  • The ozone concentration does not exceed dangerous quantities.
  • The ozone is blown in the interior of the vehicle by means of a built-in ventilator.
  • The ozone generator starts 10 seconds after activation of the start button. The user has enough time to leave the car before the start of the ozone treatment.
  • The ozone reacts with the molecules that create bad smells and helps to neutralize them in combination with the activity of Wynn’s Air Purifier.
  • The ozone generation can only be used in combination with a Wynn’s Air Purifier treatment. The nebulization of the Wynn’s Air Purifier immediately starts after the ozone generation has stopped. Wynn’s Air Purifier immediately neutralizes the ozone and has an additional effect on bad smells.
  • This leads to optimal removal of bad smells in car interiors and a safe re-entry of the car immediately after the treatment.


  • Treatment 1: Nebulization of Wynn’s Airco-Clean® Ultrasonic
    To stop bad odours in air conditioning systems of cars, trucks and buses.
  • Treatment 2: Nebulization of Wynn’s Air Purifier
    To stop bad odours in the interior of cars, trucks (also in trunks).
  • Treatment 3: Generation of ozone (long or short period) followed by nebulization of Wynn’s Air Purifier
    To stop severe odours in the interior of cars and trucks.
  • The treatments can be carried out individually or in combination.
  • How often the treatment has to be carried out:
    • Airco-Clean: once or twice a year or whenever necessary.
    • Air Purifier: three or four times a year or whenever necessary


Special Offer Price for Plus 24 bottles of ‘Airco-Clean’ & 12 bottles of ‘Air Purifier’


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