Testo 550 Digital Manifold with Bluetooth – (With Sight Glass) 0563 1550



  • Improved robust design and extremely convenient operation
  • Measurement of low and high pressure as well as calculation of temperatures
  • Simultaneous calculation Of superheating and subcooling in real time
  • 60 refrigerants already stored in instrument
  • Storage temperature   -20 to +60 °C
  • Operating temperature   -10 to +50 °C
  • Battery life   ca. 150 h
  • Weight.  1060 g
  • Dimensions   200 x 113 x 62 mm
  • Probe – NTC
  • Meas. range   -50 to +150 °C
  • Accuracy   ±0.5 °C
  • Resolution   0.1 °C / 0.1 °F
  • Probe – Low pressure probe measurement
  • Meas. Range   50 bar
  • Accuracy   ±0.75 % fs
  • Resolution   0.01 bar
  • Probe – High pressure probe
  • Meas. Range   50 bar
  • Accuracy   ±0.75 % fs (±1 Digit)
  • Resolution   0.01 bar
  • Overload   60 bar
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Testo 550 Digital Refrigeration Manifold with Bluetooth and Sight Glass

With Testo’s 550 digital refrigeration manifold, time-consuming testing of refrigeration systems and heat pumps is a thing of the past. Measurements of superheat and sub cooling are automatically calculated and displayed on a very easy to read and well illuminated large screen display. Furthermore, the new Bluetooth technology allows for a professional report to be captured and sent via smartphone or tablet to any email address you choose, perfect for on-site visits. Additional features include Min/Max and Mean values to be included in the report as the Testo 550 records the system running values from the moment they are switched on.

The Testo 550 includes two temperature-compensated pressure sensors for highly accurate tightness testing of the system prior to evacuation and charging.

The Testo 550 is an enhanced version of Testo’s original digital manifolds. It includes improved battery life of 250 hours, increased pressure range to 60 bar, 60 stored refrigerants and a new, super-tough metal frame around the tester so it can be used comfortably in demanding conditions.

If you’ve been using a traditional analogue manifold, there’s no better time to go digital than with Testo’s 550 entry level manifold which is packed with useful features for today’s professionals.

See how much easier your work can be with this powerful, easy-to-use and highly accurate manifold.

Brand New Refrigeration App and Bluetooth capabilities

The App integration via Bluetooth for the testo 550 and the testo 557 is perhaps the biggest strength of the new manifolds. It gives users new possibilities for working faster, more comfortably, and therefore more efficiently.

Using the App measurement data can be read directly on a Smartphone or tablet, and measurement reports can be finalised and sent directly on site. The list of stored refrigerants can also be easily updated via the App.

With Testo digital manifolds, many of the refrigeration contractor’s tools become obsolete, and are replaced by only one – and a very precise one at that. There is also an option to select your most important refrigerants as favourites, for even faster access.

A new, better-performance generation

Another major strength of the New Testo manifold range is their increased performance capabilities. The pressure ranges of the 550 has been increased to 60 bar, the battery life extended to 250 hours, and there are 60 common refrigerants stored in the instrument. A new metal frame around the display has also been installed, making the instruments more robust than ever.

These days, many spheres of life would be unthinkable without digital technology. Most of us wouldn’t be without our Android or IPhone, and the days of the Nokia 3310 for example seem a distant memory. The refrigeration industry is no exception to this logic, yet analogue manifolds are still widely used.

Admittedly many refrigeration engineers started with analogue gauges and therefore don’t know anything different, but isn’t it time for an upgrade? We all grew accustomed to our 3310 but at some stage we had to accept it became outdated. Digital manifolds are the future of refrigeration engineering


New Bluetooth connectivity makes it easier than ever to manage your jobs

The digital manifold testo 550, ideal for all measurement work on refirgeration systems and heat pumps.



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