Testo 915i – Thermometer with flexible probe and smartphone operation 0563 4915


  • Smart Probe for wireless temperature measurement in a wide range of applications, thanks to a large selection of probes and compatibility with standard type K thermocouple probes
  • Flexible, fast-response temperature sensor (TC type K, class 1) with fibreglass-coated cable (800 mm long) and secure attachment via innovative locking mechanism in the handle, versatile, measuring range -50 to +400 °C
  • Easy operation, evaluation and documentation with free Testo Smart App as well as automatic Bluetooth® connection to smartphones, tablets or Testo measuring instruments (e.g. Testo 400, Testo 550s) with a range of up to 100 m
  • High measurement accuracy thanks to system calibration ex-works


The wireless thermometer Testo 915i with flexible probe will enable you to tackle your temperature measurements with greater speed, flexibility and ease. For instance, the flexible thermocouple wire can be laid through drill holes, gaps or door seals to measure the air temperature. The Testo 915i automatically connects to your smartphone/tablet or compatible Testo measuring instrument via Bluetooth. The Testo Smart App facilitates intuitive operation, clear display of measurement data as well as documentation and sending of reports on site. The handle is compatible with all standard type K thermocouple probes – making it versatile.



Wireless temperature measurement: The Testo 915i thermometer with smartphone operation and Bluetooth is part of the popular Testo Smart Probes portfolio. The thermometer provides fast, reliable measurement results and is versatile and easy to use thanks to the flexible probe – making it ideal for carrying out your temperature measurements, e.g. at measuring locations that rigid probes cannot access.


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