Product Details 

This universal infrared thermometer is designed to perform fast and accurate surface temperature measurements in the HVAC area and industry. At a distance of 1 m the point diameter is only 3.6 cm. From a secure distance even smaller, difficult to access or dangerous targets can be measured without any problems. The new high resolution processor enables measurement results of unbelievable accuracy. And due to the min./max. function you can define your temperature limit values according to your needs. To control the limits with the help of an audible and visual alarm has never been easier.
30:1 optics for measuring temperature at a distance, even on small objects
2-point laser for spot sighting
Display of current value and Hold value
Emissivity determination with external temperature probe
Audible and optical alarm when limit values are exceeded
Fast measurement value recording at two measurements per second
Display illumination
°C contact measurement with connectable TC probe
Input of upper and lower limit value