Test0 755-1

Measures both current and voltage. Meets required standards as both a current and voltage tester. Includes batteries and measuring tips.


The Testo 755 current / voltage testers are ideal for the majority of daily electrical measuring tasks, measuring both current and voltage. Thanks to their intuative design they automatically select the correct setting for the application, minimising dangers associated with using the incorrect settings. Both versions have all the important functions for determining voltage / de-energisation, for measuring current and resistance, as well as for continuity tests.

Measuring tips can be changed easily, so in the unlikely event of damage, the whole instrument would not need to be replaced. Having an integrated torch also enables dark spots to be illuminated.

The Testo 755-2 model has a larger current range of up to 1,000 V as well as special additional functions, such as single pole phase testing and rotating magnetic field measurement.

Product advantages:

– Automatic measurement parameter detection
– Certified according to voltage tester standard DIN EN 61243-3:2010
– Measurement result without any switching on or selection
– Measuring point illumination
– Exchangeable measuring tips