Testo 750-3 Voltage Tester
Voltage tester with all round LED display, batteries, measuring tip protector and measuring tip caps.

There are three models in the Testo 750 voltage tester range. The biggest advantage of the testo 750 range is they are the first Voltage Testers with an all-round LED display. This means the display can be seen from all angles and guarantees an ideal voltage indication thanks to its unique fibre optics.

All three models meet the latest voltage tester standard EN 61243-3:2010 and have a safety specification according to CAT IV. They have all the important functions for voltage testing, continuity testing and rotating magnetic field measurement.

The Testo 750-2 is also suitable for single pole voltage testing and has a torch along with an RC trigger function. Vibrating load buttons ensure that the trigger test cannot be carried out accidentally. In addition, the Testo 750-3 is fitted with an LC display to show the current reading.

Product advantages:

Clear, patented all-round LED display
Fibre-optic technology for optimum voltage indication
Anti-slip ring for secure grip
Ergonomic handle shape
Measuring point illumination

Voltage tester including batteries, measuring tip protector and measuring tip caps. Additional features: suitable for single pole voltage testing, torch light, RC trigger function, LC display to show current reading.