Testo 435-3 Multi-function Instrument for VAC & IAQ – (0560 – 4353)


Testo 435-3 – Multi-function Instrument for VAC & IAQ

With built-in differential pressure measurement for A/C, ventilation and Indoor Air Quality, battery and calibration protocol included
Part number: 0560 4353
Manufacturer: Testo


The ambient air conditions measuring instrument for your introduction to professional ambient air measurement engineering. It has the right measurement engineering, e.g. thermal probes, vane or Pitot tube measurement, for every application and flow speed. The IAQ probe measures Indoor Air Quality by measuring the CO2 level, air moisture and air temperature. Temperature and humidity measurement is built-in in the thermal probe. In addition, it is also possible to connect additional temperature probes to, for example, accurately measure surface temperature. Readings from up to 3 temperature probes can be displayed in the clearly laid-out measuring instrument display; data transmission is by radio, i.e. wireless. Measurement data is printed on site on the Testo printer.

  • IAQ probe for assessing Indoor Air Quality
  • Thermal probes, vane measurement and built-in differential pressure probe for Pitot tube measurement
  • Radio probe for temperature
  • Testo printer for documentation purposes
  • Protection class IP54


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