The Smart Charge 600 has been developed to satisfy market demands for a fully automated, control- lable and cost effective method of removing all of the complexities of R600a charging in the service field.

Taking most of its inspiration from the much larger production line machine, the Smart Charge 600 has a protected area in which parameters such as Vacuum Time and leak test time are stored.

This feature enables larger organisations and manufacturers to have absolute quality control over the service procedure and remove any confusion over these critical requirements, it also prints a receipt at the end of the process for your records.

All that the engineer has to do is couple the machine to an empty repaired unit and enter the charge weight, that’s it, the machine then completes a full cycle which incorporates a pressure rise leak test.

The engineer is even prompted should there be insufficient gas remaining in the disposable cylinder.

We have developed this machine with the engineer in mind it is compact and extremely accurate, there is no longer a need for separate pieces of equipment, this robust little unit does it all.

It even features a refrigerant alarm and vacuum pump vent hose attachment for ultimate safety.