Javac D-TEK CO2 Leak Detector


D-TEK CO2 Leak Detector

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The D-Tek CO2 uses an innovative infrared absorption sensing cell which is extremely sensitive to carbon dioxide, yet its circuitry allows the instrument to equalise to the CO2 present in the atmosphere, so there is minimal risk of false alarms. The D-Tek CO2 maintains its sensitivity over time for consistent, accurate and reliable performance. Its specialised infrared sensor cell lasts up to 800 hours, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

Additional features to the hand held unit include a charging status indicator, sensor
failure indication, sensor test mode and rechargeable NiMH battery

Features at a Glance
• Low risk of false alarms; as the detector equalises to the CO2 present in the air
• 800 hour infrared cell life offers a low ownership cost
• The infrared cell does not weaken over time; so response time remains consistent and accurate
• Will not react to smoke, humidity, airfl ow or temperature changes
• Quick response and quick clearing from high effi ciency air sampling pump
• On board diagnostics indicate charging status and warn of low battery or cell
• NiMH power stick is environmentally friendly and provides greater charging


Hard plastic carry case
NiMH power stick
12volt and 230volt adapter
Tip fi lters
Infrared cell
Suggested Applications
Medium to heavy duty
Industrial A/C and refrigeration
Sensor Technology
Sensor Life
800 hours
Leak Indicators
7 LED; variable intensity audible
Power Source
Rechargeable NiMH battery
Battery Life
6.5 hours
Probe Type
Flexible metal
Probe length
Control Panel
Power: On/Off
Sensitivity: High/Low
Operating Temperature Range
0°C to + 50°C
Storage Temperature Range
-10°C to + 60°C
Charging Options
230volt AC adapter
12volt adapter with cigarette
lighter plug
Weight with Power Stick
CE Marketing Power Safety


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