£2,150.00 + VAT

This 10 day air conditioning & refrigeration training course has been designed for those who are looking to enter the air conditioning industry for the first time.

The course provides candidates with the theoretical understanding and practical skills to safely install, service and repair ‘stationary’ air conditioning and refrigeration systems in accordance with current safety, environmental and legal requirements.

The first 5 days are focussed on the installation, testing and commissioning of a ‘Split Air Conditioning System’. The course covers the following in both theory and practical:

  • Basic system sizing calculations
  • Installation of pipework (cutting, bending, flaring, brazing, compression joints)
  • Pipe insulation and fixings
  • Condensate pumps (various)
  • Pressure testing
  • Evacuation
  • Charging with refrigerant
  • Commissioning and efficiency checks
  • F-Gas documentation and reporting
  • Recovery of refrigerants

The second 5 days are focussed ‘Refrigeration Systems’ and the F-Gas Cat 1 qualification

Successful candidates will be awarded with the F-Gas Cat 1 certificate, allowing them to work on any size system containing fluorinated refrigerants without restrictions.

Theory assessments for the F-Gas Cat 1 qualification are conducted via on-line multi-choice exams at Level 3 and are ‘open book’ using the course reference manual.

Note: Candidates booking this course may attend the two 5 day courses at different times (instead of back-to-back) but it is advisable not to leave too much time between courses as ‘skill’ and ‘information’ fade could result.

Course Dates 2024/2025

24th June  – 5th July 2024

23rd Sept – 4th Oct 2024

14th – 25th October 2024

18th – 29th November 2024

10th – 21st February 2025

17th – 28th March 2025