TEXA Konfort 760R for R1234yf – UKA6132


Promotion Price £3,800.00 + VAT


Ready for the change-over from R134a to R1234yf?

This model is equipped with a high visibility colour TFT display with a graphic interface for ease of use. The service management procedure is fully automatic, so there is no requirement for manual taps. The distinctive features compared to the 720R are the hermetically sealed bottle system, automatic service management system, refrigerant measurement and scale locking system.

• R1234yf compatible
• High visibility colour TFT display with interface Graphics
• DATABASE/SERVICE management via SD card

• Rotating gauge display (Excluding Germany)
• 20 Kg internal tank for 760R
• +/- 15 gr load precision
• High efficiency refrigerant recovery (above 95%)
• Dual stage vacuum pump
• Hermetically sealed bottles
• Automatic high precision oil injection
• Automatic oil bottle recognition
• Automatic precise refrigerant measurement check
• Scale lock system
• Automatic service procedure management
• Functionality:
• Multilingual software coverage
• Service hose length compensation
• Simplified service
• Automatic precise oil measurement check (patented)
• Scale lock system
• Automatic non condensable management

Package Includes:

  • Printer
  • Cover
  • Wi-Fi Kit for Konfort
  • 5kg R1234yf
  • 5 x Printer Rolls
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Goggles
  • FREE DELIVERY (UK Mainland – Exclusions may apply) please call 01656743661


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