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NEW FEATURES: Digital manifolds with Bluetooth and App

The App integration via Bluetooth for the Testo 550 and the Testo 557 is the highlight of the new manifolds. It gives users new possibilities 557-2for working faster and more comfortably, and therefore more efficiently, with digital refrigeration technology measuring instruments.

Just switch on, measure, and read off Large figures allow the values to be read off the display quickly and easily. Two temperature-compensated pressure sensors measure high and low pressure quickly and precisely, and automatically calculate the temperatures. A glance at the instrument display is enough, and you see the measurement result.

Two temperature inputs guarantee you the simultaneous calculation and display of superheating and subcooling. The temperature can additionally also be displayed. By simply pressing a button, you can switch between the measurement tasks at your will.

With the option of Bluetooth capability users can now connect to our Brand New Testo Refrigeration App, which is exclusively available to Testo customers.

For example, using the App, the measurement data can be read off directly on a Smartphone or tablet, and the measurement report containing system Apprunning pressures, suction and liquid line temperatures, superheat and sub-cooling values are finalised and sent directly on site. The list of stored refrigerants can also be updated via the App.

A new, better-performance generation of manifolds making the newest members Testo 549, Testo 550 and Testo 557 stand out thanks to their increased performance. The pressure range has been increased to 60 bar, the battery life extended to 250 hours, and there are 60 common refrigerants stored in the instruments. A metal frame around the display makes the instruments more robust than ever.


NEW Testo 557 Digital Refrigeration Manifold Kit

The automatic heat pump mode means the hoses no longer need to be switched over, while the temperature compensated tightness test   and real-time calculations of superheating and sub-cooling mean the Testo 557 refrigeration system analyser makes short work of refrigeration system and heat pump maintenance.

Using the Testo 557 Digital Refrigeration Kit, multiple tests can be performed and calculated in a short space of time. Service engineers can perform a leak test, monitor refrigerant flow through the integrated sight glass and watch as superheating and sub-cooling are displayed in real-time. At the touch of a button you can quickly switch between different measurements, with a large backlit display that clearly displays all the test values required to assess the performance and efficiency of the system.

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Testo 557 Set Digital Refrigeration Manifold Kit now with Bluetooth & APP

The Testo 557 digital refrigeration manifold is the ideal tool for servicing and commissioning, refrigeration plant and heat pumps. High performance at an affordable price, easy to use, versatile and uncomplicated, the Testo 557 is an invaluable aid when assessing system performance.

The 557 has built-in impact protection, a robust 4-way valve block with 4 connections and a suspension hook to provide secure attachment of the manifold during testing.

Two temperature inputs allow simultaneous calculation and display of superheating and sub-cooling. At the press of a button, the differential temperatures are also displayed.

There is no longer any need to change the hoses when servicing reversible-cycle air conditioning systems. The 557 automatically switches the display of the high  and low pressure. With the use of two externally connected temperature probes, simultaneous superheating and sub-cooling calculations can be made.


4-way valve block with gauge glass.

Superheating and sub-cooling in real-time by means of two external temperature probes (NTC).

Integrated vacuum measurement supports evacuation of the system.557 Kit

2 temperature probe connections (NTC).

60 refrigerants curves stored on-board.

60 bar pressure rating.

250 hour battery life.

Backlit display.

Timed tightness test.

Fast 30 second set up.

Heat pump mode, automatic switching of Hi/Lo pressure.

Display of Min/Max/Mean and differential temperature.

Testo 557 kit supplied complete with:

Testo 557 digital refrigeration manifold.

Bluetooth for commissioning servicing & maintenance

2 x pliers pipe clamp probes.

External vacuum probe


Calibration protocol.

User manual.

Transport case.


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