Product Description
The testo 330-1 LX flue gas analyser makes customer service and maintenance more efficient and pleasingly uncomplicated. The high-quality instrument impresses with the successful combination of outstanding sensor technology, longevity and reliability.

Testo 330-1 LX anniversary set with printer in detail
High-quality long-life measuring cells: Sensors for O2 and CO are included in delivery
5-year warranty without maintenance contract on O2 and CO sensor
The sensors have a service life of up to 6 years. This means at least one sensor replacement is saved in the course of a normal operating life
Bluetooth Interface – Where there is a large distance from the measuring point, the measurement data can be transferred from the flue gas analyser to a smartphone or tablet. Logging and dispatch to customers possible with the testo combustion App
Free testo combustion App for iOS and Android devices (available as a download)
Logger function for easy long-term recording of the measurement profile, large memory for up to 500,000 readings
Pressure measurement up to 300 mbar
Integrated magnets for easy fixing during the measuring process
Condensate trap: easy-to-empty collection vessel in the instrument
User-defined fuels
IrDa/Bluetooth interface for data transfer to pocket PC/laptop/printer
ZIV driver for standard industry software
Integrated customer data memory
Single-hose connection: just one hand movement is needed to securely connect all channels for flue gas measurement via the probe coupling (gas paths, draught, temperature probe integrated in the flue gas probe)
EasyHeat PC software (optional): create customer profiles on the PC saving lots of time, print out measurement protocols as professional reports with just a few clicks
Optional Applications
Ambient CO / CO2 measurement (with optional Ambient CO probe 0632 3331, CO2 probe 0632 1240 + Connection Cable 0430 0143)
Gas leak detection (with optional Gas leak detection probe 0632 3330)
Gas flow and static gas pressure (with optional pressure connection set 0554 1203)
Performance of gas tightness tests from -300 to +300 mbar with optional pressure connection set (0554 1203) + Gas Pressure Controller (300602 3000)
Optional sensor upgrade (0554 2151) for NO and calculated NOx Measurements
Differential temperature measurement with optional differential temperature set (0554 1208)
Optional CPA1 Accessories Kit (300554 1000) Includes: B2 angled probe, B1 gas cooker probe, hose connector, silicon hose, gas pressure controller, gas leak detector

Basic flue gas probe
On the compact basic flue gas probe with 180 mm long probe shaft, the flue gas path and temperature channel can easily be connected to the measuring instrument via a practical bayonet lock
The probe shaft is really easy to replace, thanks to the quick-change click system on the handle
The thermocouple NiCr-Ni, which is integrated in the probe shaft, enables temperature measurement up to 500°C
Testo fast printer IrDa:
The Testo fast printer and infrared interface saves your measurement values black on white. It enables immediate printout of readings, including date and time

Delivery Scope
testo 330-1 LX flue gas analyser with O2 and CO sensor, Bluetooth interface, rechargeable battery and calibration protocol
Mains unit for connection to the testo 330-1 LX flue gas analyzer (0554 1096)
Compact basic flue gas probe 180 mm; Ø 6 mm; Tmax 500 °C; hose 1.5 m; including dirt filter and cone for attachment (0600 9740)
Replacement dirt filters for compact flue gas probe; 10 off (0554 0040)
Testo fast IrDa printer with wireless infrared interface, 1 roll of thermal paper and 4 AA batteries (0554 0549)
Spare thermal paper for printer, permament ink; 6 rolls (0554 0568)
System case for instrument, probes and accessories; height 130 mm (0516 3300)