Mastercool 69788-220 Service Station



Mastercool 69788-200 Automatic Recovery/Recycle/Recharge Machine

  • Database: Includes Refrigerant & Oil Capacities for over 1000 Vehicle Makes & Models
  • Automatic Recovery – Recycling
  • Automatic Used Oil Discharge
  • Automatic Programmable Vacuum
  • Automatic Programmable Charging
  • Bottle Heater: Automatic
  • Alarms for High Pressure, Full Bottle, Bottle Empty
  • Service Alarm Alerting Maintenance and Filter Replacement
  • New Oil Injection: Manual
  • Discharge of Non-Condensable Gases: Manual
  • 3 Pressure Level Gauges to Indicate High and Low Pressure plus Bottle Pressure
  • LED Display
  • Optional: Installation of thermal printer
  • Free 1-Day F-Gas Training Course with this product (please call for details)


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Free 1-Day F-Gas Training Course with this product (please call for details)


  • Voltage: 220-240V (50/60Hz)
  • Scale Resolution: 10g
  • Operating Temperature Range: 11/49°C
  • Filter: Double Filter System
  • Compressor: 12cc
  • Vacuum Pump: Capacity 75 l/min
  • Recovery Speed: 300g/min in liquid phase
  • Hoses: 180cm
  • Dimensions: 55 x 60 x 105 cm
  • Weight: 80kg


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