With such a display, everything is much clearer

The display of AXONE NEMO 2 provides a great entrance to the world of diagnostics.

Ideal  to help you work always at maximum efficiency, with a clear and global view of all the operations that must be completed.
It allows you to easily display all the data you need to repair your customers’ vehicles: Parameters, Errors, ECU Info, Activations, Settings,
as well as wiring diagrams, diagnostic help sections, results of control unit scans, and much more.

All this from a privileged point of view, yours

“All in one” tool all-round compatibility

AXONE NEMO 2 can be used paired with Navigator NANO S, Navigator TXTs and TXB Evolution, fully covering, based on your actual operating needs, the following environments: CAR, TRUCK, BIKE, OFF-HIGHWAY and MARINE.

You can further enhance your AXONE NEMO 2, thanks to a large range of dedicated services, such as TEXPACK,
TEX@INFO, TEXA SECURITY ACCESS, TEXA APP. This way you will always have a genuine all-in-one tool available with the necessary elements needed.

AXONE NEMO 2 is the single display unit for all of TEXA’s latest generation equipment: RCCS 3 (ADAS calibration), AIR2 SAN (vehicle and workplace sanitation), TwinProbe and UNIProbe (electrical measurements), LASER EXAMINER (brake disc wear and tyre tread depth), GASBOX and OPABOX (emission analysis), eLight (headlight centring).

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